Gary Wells Practitioner Group | Gary Wells Performance Model
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What is the Gary Wells Practitioner Group?

The Gary Wells Practitioner Group (GWPG) is a collective of talented horse and human EMMETT therapists, from an array of professional backgrounds, who share Gary’s passion and desire to positively influence the horse industry in Australia and globally.

What Does The Group Do?

The Group have a mission to “Champion the New Age of Horsemanship” through the promotion and provision of a holistic approach to Equine Care, Well-being and Performance.

The GWPG model of care and well-being focuses on feet, teeth, diet and muscles, underpinned by competent horsemanship and supported by professional veterinary care, advocating a whole of industry approach.

Through the work of the group and the development of partnerships with esteemed industry professionals whose collective skills, knowledge and abilities address every aspect of this model, this “New Age of Horsemanship” is fast gaining momentum within Australia and internationally.

Performance Treatment

Pre-Competition Treatment Purpose is to open up the horse’s body for it to perform on competition day. Focusing on opening the ribs and respitory system and providing blood flushes to the power muscle and concussive tendons.

Recovery Treatment

Post-Competition Treatment Treatment designed to reduce damaging acids and promote blood flow and healing through the body in order for the horse to more quickly gain benefit out of further training

Foundation/ Well-being Treatment

Treatment to help maintain muscle elasticity, balance, softness and suppleness, scheduled at regular intervals to suit your horses needs and activities.

Rehabilitation Treatment

Treatment to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with acute injury or illness and to assist in the healing and recovery process

Behavioural & Nutritional Expertise

We understand that there is often a correlation between the problems of the body and the problems of the mind. Within our team we have the ability to assess from a therapist level as well as from a nutritional and a horsemanship perspective to achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Emmett4Horses Technique Training

The GWPG Team offer training right up to Practitioner level in 3 States, (QLD, NSW, VIC) and America. Join us to commence your own EMMETT4Horses learning journey under the tutelage of some of the best in the business