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The Chameleon Approach

EMMETT Therapy is a light touch, neuromuscular release technique developed for animals and humans by fellow Australian Ross Emmett and now practiced in 26 countries around the world. 


The EMMETT Technique is an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life. The outcomes are immediate and observable.


Treatments involve application of light pressure at specific points. These can be in sequences that enable gentle release for many common conditions. The results can be dramatic even for first time clients. Accurate and fast assessments of imbalances in the body are an integral feature of this technique.


More information about Ross Emmett and the EMMETT Technique can be found here (


Improved Balance and Flexibility

Greater Power and Endurance

Faster Recovery

Improved Collection, Flexion and Softness

Increased Straightness and Overtrack

Consistent Performance

Results are visible, instantaneous and hold!