Gary Wells Practitioner Group | The GWPG Difference
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This is what we know… Your horse not doing what you want or train them to do isn’t always because of your failure in training or the horse’s lack of ability. 


Our Performance Model identifies the needs of the horse which are not only essential to the horses care and well-being but also critical in achieving optimum performance.


We are excited to work with you to address these needs effectively and assist you and your horse in achieving your goals and desired outcomes.



Gary Wells

Gary Wells has performed over 25,000 treatments of Equine Performance Management across all disciplines. He is The Master of Emmett4Horses Therapy in Australia. All members of the group have access to his wealth of knowledge so whether your horse is being treated by The Master himself or another therapist in the group you can be assured that his knowledge (a) has influenced the practice of all therapists and (b) can and will be accessed at any time if needed.

Danny Cook

“Danny Cook adds an incredible dimension to the group. He is an astounding horseman. He has the ability to do anything he wants with a horse – and what makes him more special, he’s very good as an Emmett therapist. “Danny has incredible skills in IT and is the creator of the Horse 360 educational app which is an integral part of our teaching plan. He is also an incredible father and family man.”

Narelle Sealey

“Narelle as a youngster did eventing but drifted away from horses through work and later family commitments. “We met up at at an Emmett Human course and I offered her the opportunity to see what I was doing with horses. “Her skills have been blossomed and she’s now a high quality, professional, equine therapist.”



Our team is available to you to discuss issues or concerns with us over the phone or via email 7 days a week.

Access to the Best Equine Therapists in Australia

Access to a collective group of elite horse and human EMMETT therapists, from an array of professional backgrounds, including Veterinary, Farrier and of course Gary Wells - The Master, to assist you in achieving Peak Performance.

Injury Treatments

We love to work with your vet and to be a part of setting the rehabilitation goals for your injured horse. Emmett4Horses Therapy can influence and accelerate healing capacities of the body. Reducing inflammation, relieving pain and discomfort are just 2 of the things we can do to get your horse back on track faster and fitter.

Collaborative Care

We want to know your plan. We want to be part of your plan. The GWPG understands that as a trainer you take information from many sources to make the best decisions to achieve the best results. The GWPG can provide the missing piece to the puzzle. We want to work with you to build performance in your horse and achieve the training goals you have set for it.

Behavioural & Nutritional Expertise

At the Gary Wells Practitioner Group we understand that there is often a correlation between the problems of the body and the problems of the mind. Within our team we have the ability to assess from a therapist level as well as from a nutritional and a horsemanship perspective to achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Feedback Delivered Your Way

The information you need and want to know about your horse delivered in the way you want it – personal reports, audio reports, email or customised to your current system. As developers of the Horse 360 smartphone app we understand the importance of clear communication and will use the Horse 360 App onsite to simplify your horse’s most complex issues.

GWPG Representation in 3 States

The group has Practitioners located in QLD, NSW and VIC. This means when your horses travel for their biggest competitions you can access the same top level of muscle release treatment while you are away. Each treatment will come with the same treatment history, the same knowledge and delivered in the same way as if it was being treated at home.

EMMETT4Horses Technique Training

The GWPG Team offer training right up to Practitioner level in 3 States, (QLD, NSW, VIC) and America. Join us to commence your own EMMETT4Horses learning journey under the tutelage of some of the best in the business