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Offering training in QLD, NSW, VIC and now appointed as the exclusive Emmett 4 Horses representatives in America, the Gary Wells Practitioner Group is committed to sharing the amazing EMMETT4Horses Technique.


There are a number of Emmett 4 Horses courses on offer teaching Emmett Therapy skills from Introductory/ Beginner through to Advanced/ Practitioner level. There are also short courses available for youth and equine competitors wanting the “competitive edge” as well as specialist courses developed to support Farriers and Saddle Fitters in their professions.


There are no prerequisites to attend, the courses are open to and suitable for all horse owners, riders and handlers wanting to assist their own animals and also to existing Complimentary Therapists, Veterinary and Chiropractic professionals inerested in extending their skills.


It is up to the individual whether they wish to complete all 5 levels and become a fully qualified EMMETT 4 Horses Practitioner or simply complete one or two levels or a short course to assist their own horses.


Join us to commence your own EMMETT4Horses learning journey under the tutelage of some of the very best Practitioners and Instructors in the business.

Upcoming Courses


For more information or to enrol in upcoming courses;