Gary Wells Practitioner Group | Who Is Gary Wells?
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Who Is Gary Wells?

Gary Wells is recognised as one of the most experienced and effective equine neuromuscular therapists in the world.

A highly acclaimed Master EMMETT Therapist, Gary’s skills and experience in both the horse and human setting and his focus and ability to treat the horse and rider as a holistic package set him apart and make him unique as a therapist.

His former career saw him working as a Senior Police Manager, Detective and Prosecutor. However he considers himself first and foremost a horseman, having also owned, bred or trained more than a hundred winners on the racetrack, from Birdsville to Brisbane and a lot of places in between throughout his 30 years in the Force.

With over 15 years of experience and 30,000+ treatments under his belt, combined with a long running history in the horse industry and a forward thinking belief in working alongside professionals to achieve a common goal for each and every horse – he has truly set himself apart from all the others and is undeniably ‘The Master’.

Gary is also the founder and CEO of the Gary Wells Practitioner Group(GWPG) a collective of talented horse and human EMMETT therapists, from an array of professional backgrounds, who share Gary’s passion and desire to positively influence the horse industry in Australia and globally.